What are Employers Looking for?




Yesterday I attended to the Career Conference and turned the tables on the employers and interviewed them. I really wanted to pick their brains and see what they really looked for in a prospective employee.  I questioned them on the do’s and don’ts in an interview, the skills they look for in an employee, what their favorite interview question to ask was, and social media sites they use when looking at a prospect.

The first employer I interviewed was Matt Martin HR Director for Marcus Hotels.  Matt’s top traits he looked for as a resting smile, a social personality, and generally happy.  One of the biggest things he wanted to see was students who have done their research.  He wants prospects to show that they have spent time finding out about the company.  Whilst interviewing Matt likes to observe the interviewees actions and listen to their words.  Words like might, could, wouldn’t means they have doubts or are not confident in the interview.  As far as social media sites Matt is very active on LinkedIn and loves to see prospects active as well.

The second employer I interviewed was Jason Manke Corporate Recruiter for Kalahari Resorts.  Jason looks for an engaging personality in his prospects.  One of the biggest things he looks for on a resume is someone who shows they can multi-task.  He likes to see that students are involved on campus, working jobs, and doing school all at once, he wants to see they can not only multi-task but multi-task well.  Another topic we discussed is the younger generation, Jason brought up that many students hold themselves apart because they often want the company to wrap around their generation and conform or change when it should be the other way around.  Students should be looking for a company they can fit into, mirror their vision and mold into their values.  During the interview Jason likes to see a smile, a firm handshake, eye contact, and that they have done their research and like to drop information on the company.  Great prospects also align their future goals with the company.  Jason likes to keep up to date on social media by using LinkedIn and Facebook.

My third employer I interviewed was Monica Williams Recruiter for Weidner Apartment Homes.  Monica wanted to see prospective employees with great people skills and an attitude for business.  During the interview she doesn’t want to see nervousness, she wants to see them be themselves, and to give her a professional vibe.  Monica never wants to see gum during an interview or hear the word no a lot.  The biggest thing she wants from a prospect is a fantastic personality and a sense of integrity.   Monica mainly uses LinkedIn for social media.

Over all the biggest thing employers wanted to see was students who took the time and knew their company and thoroughly researched.  A great personality, confidence, and just having a conversation is what the interview should entail.  These employers come to Stout for the reputation and students they’ve seen excel throughout their company in the past.


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