A Career in Hospitality Sales

Have you ever thought of a career in hospitality sales?  Interested in events?  When I decided to choose UW-Stout as my school came for the hospitality program initially to be an event planner.  What I hear most from the incoming students into the hospitality program is an interest  in event planning, especially weddings.  Events are so fun, who wouldn’t want to plan parties for a weekend?  However, when I talk to students who have had experience in events or internships they shy away from event planning.  They often don’t like the hours of weekends and nights or cannot stand dealing with brides.

Hospitality sales appealed to me because it worked so closely with events but had set hours and specific sectors for each event.  I had never heard of a career in hospitality sales until I joined the UW-Stout Collegiate Chapter of Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI).  HSMAI introduced me to many possibilities of careers in the hospitality industry that I have never heard of.  But the one that stuck out to me the most was sales.  I was able to go on sales blitzes, work directly with industry sales teams, and gain revenue.  Through HSMAI I learned about Remington Hospitality Services, a third party management company for over 80 hotels around the US.  Remington started a Business Development Center on campus where students would be trained by the Minneapolis Hilton Sales Director and become a student sales team.  We were trained in Knowland Group and Delphi, lead prospecting software,  where we could find previous events information.   We would then take that information call the event planner and convince them to book their event in our hotel.  It was a great experience and I gained so much background in sales and grew my network immensely.  How many students can say they have had sales experience before they graduate, the number is slim.  HSMAI not only gave me the tools to learn and experience sales but fall in love with it.   Sales is a fun, energetic, and entertaining environment.  No two days are the same in the life of a sales manager.  You could be touring with a client, writing up a proposal, or taking them out to dinner, the list is endless.  A sales manager isn’t just sitting at a cubicle every day, they are out working with clients and selling the hotel.  Within the sales team each manager has a different sector that fits them best such as corporate, government, and social events.  Many times business comes to you as well, having an premier facility basically sells itself and clients will seek you out as well.  Sales is also a competitive job that takes a lot of persuasive skills.  A good internal drive and a congenial personality can take you very far in the sales industry.

Hotel sales managers are keep the hotel running.  Without filled rooms and meeting space the hotel would have no revenue.  Sales is an intricate part of the hotel business.   Sales isn’t just selling the hotel but also the skills of the housekeeping staff, the local area, and the professionalism of the staff.  A sales position is something to take pride in and have a passion for.  There is also a huge demand for sales professionals not just in the hospitality industry, sales gives you transferable skills for any job.  I ask you to look into sales a career choice and decide for yourself.

Here is a great article evaluating hospitality sales:

Are You Right for Sales?


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