Career Sushi: A Visually Interactive New Way to Job Search

New to job searching online is an innovative site dedicated to highlighting your personal expertise in a visually stunning fashion.  Career Sushi is a website for the modern digital era allowing you to  create a profile, search for positions, or apply through all through one site.  It gives to student a chance to add your resume and portfolio to one place where employers can interact and view your credentials.  Career Sushi also shows you how to search exactly what you are looking for and in a position and tailor your results to your profile. The site also shows applicants a platform to showcase videos, projects, interactive graphics, all in eye-popping visuals instead of uploading a PDF of a resume.  Shara Senderoff founder and CEO of Career Sushi says, “The traditional resume never really could show what the person’s purpose is or whether or not they fit with a certain company’s culture.” Create a profile today and track your resume, follow companies, and get prospects.

Career Sushi

Looking for an internship? Intern Sushi Will Now Connect You to Business Moguls


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